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EasyHook Namespace

Public classCode exampleCOMClassInfo

A helper class for determining the address of COM object functions for hooking given a COM class id (CLSID) and COM interface id (IID), or COM class type and COM interface type.

Public classConfig
Currently only provides a mechanism to register assemblies in the GAC.
Public classHelperServiceInterface
Public classHookAccessControl
Provides a managed interface to the native thread ACLs.
Public classHookRuntimeInfo
This class is intended to be used within hook handlers, to access associated runtime information.
Public classInjectionLoader
Public classLocalHook
This class will provide various static members to be used with local hooking and is also the instance class of a hook.
Public classNativeAPI
Public classRemoteHooking
Provides all things related to library injection, inter-process-communication (IPC) and helper routines for common remote tasks.
Public interfaceIEntryPoint
EasyHook will search in the injected user library for a class which implements this interface. You should only have one class exposing this interface, otherwise it is undefined which one will be chosen. See remarks for more details on how you should create this class.
Public interfaceRemoteHookingIContext
A context contains some basic information about the environment in which your library main method has been invoked. You will always get an instance of this interface in your library Run method and your library constructor.
Public enumerationInjectionOptions
All supported options that will influence the way your library is injected.